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Residential | Remodel


La Cañada, CA, USA

The existing residence was expanded by 1,100 sq. ft., most notably near the front, where a bedroom and new garage was added. In addition, the home was remodeled with three street-facing gables atop refurbished stucco facades accented with broad wood siding. Approximately 24% of the home’s roof was removed to facilitate the expansion/remodel, which is less than the 30% qualifier for “new” construction. Compliant expansion of the home’s perimeter to the south and west was proposed and approved. The focus of the request was the replacement garage, which would occupy a near identical location on the pad. A stairwell at the rear of the garage, providing internal access to the home, was also built. Setbacks for the garage were 12’-7” to the front and 5 feet to the north, which is below the 25-foot and 7-foot requirements for the lot, but consistent with the longstanding position of the current garage.
The bedroom addition extended the mid-section of the home front and occupied a gap between the new garage and an angled, guest bedroom to the south. The addition remained recessed from the forward-projecting elements to the north and south, providing an increased front setback of 18 feet, below the 25-foot standard, but consistent with the siting of the existing structure and the property’s constraints.

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