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International Ideas Competition
for Busan Opera House



Busan is the gateway through which the world can reach Korea and vice versa. Hence, BOH will serve as a global destination and become the preferred gateway to Asia from Europe and across the Pacific. The design concept is based on the vision of BOH acting as an entity that exists in harmony with the surrounding culture, people and natural ecosystem. Within the BOH design, 5,000 years of Korean culture and history can be observed. But visitors can already expect to see what is inside from the exterior, which utilizes distinct shapes and lines that are prominently featured on historical, Korean buildings and other cultural artifacts.

The conceptual inspiration for the site design came from the unique characteristics of Busan's geography. A mountain lies to the north of the city, and an ocean opens up from the south. Due to the lack of flat open space, the BOH must be built on a man-made, created land. In addition, the BOH will be elevated from the ground thereby providing a breathtaking, open space to the community and its people. The elevation of BOH from the ground level was inspired by feats of the digital age, because such a space would enable visitors to access the design at a central hub from all angles and points in real-time.

One of the most prominent, elemental differences between Japanese, Chinese structures and Korean structures is the lining of the roof. This unique shape is not only seen on traditional buildings, but also in Korean clothing, food, and music, etc. It is prominently featured in all aspects of Korean culture. These lines will be seen on the BOH plaza's ceiling and canopy, which will be 100x200M in size.

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