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Commercial | Shopping mall


Old Orchard, Westfield
Skokie, IL, USA

The Cube and The Play Space at Old Orchard
The Cube:
Built entirely of glass, the 34’ x 34’ x 18’ event space called “The Cube” is a signature element of Westfield Old Orchard’s park-like shopping experience, serving as the go-to spot for special activities and events. The Cube is located at the intersection of three main promenades, functioning as a central node and landmark for the mall. The full-height, pivot glass doors draw people in naturally. As consumers pass by the 20’-0” high glass walls on either side, they are drawn in by the clear visibility of products on display throughout the space. This one-of-a-kind venue will provide a climate-controlled area for annual signature events, special community performances, interactive displays, and live entertainment year-round. The Cube stands out as a modern, sleek fixture—a prominent piece in the landscape of Westfield Old Orchard.
The Play Space:
In addition, Westfield Old Orchard introduced the brand-new, garden-themed Play Space in the northeast wing of the center. The relocated Play Space increases capacity and transforms a shopping trip into a magical, creative experience for children—from toddlers to nine-year-olds. The fully equipped Play Space excites and engages with an interactive children’s maze, playful structures in the shapes of ladybugs and bumblebees, climbing features, and an enormously inviting serpent. Parents and children appreciated the thoughtful consideration behind these unique additions—a special section for relaxation, education, and enjoyment. A wall of bench-style seating and a maze safely encloses the remainder of the area.

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